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Financial News

Insurers End Support For India's Oil Exports From Iran

10.03.13, 14:08 / Financial News
India may be forced to stop importing crude oil from Iran since insurance firms have said that they will no longer provide coverage for it.

Leviathan Reserves Are Greater Than Previously Thought

07.03.13, 11:26 / Financial News
An Israeli natural gas concession is actually significantly larger than it was previously estimated to be, says that firm that is developing it.

2012 A Bumper Year For Australian Economy

06.03.13, 13:22 / Financial News
Australia experienced more economic growth last year than it had in any of the previous five years, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports.

Europe To Limit Bankers' Bonuses

05.03.13, 14:36 / Financial News
Following Switzerland, the European Union will implement a new policy that will strictly limit the bonuses extended to banking officials.

Switzerland Votes Against Executive Bonus Bonanzas

04.03.13, 13:53 / Financial News
In a landmark referendum, Switzerland has voted in a new set of rules that govern payment for corporate executives which is being called the toughest in the world.

Obama Cuts $85 Billion In Government Services

03.03.13, 13:10 / Financial News
U.S. President Barack Obama cut $85 billion in government programs on Saturday but said that he was making the move reluctantly.

U.S. Economy Grows Slightly In Q4

28.02.13, 16:53 / Financial News
In the last three months of the 2012 calendar year, the American economy grew, despite initial reports of negative growth.

Prices Of U.S. Homes Rises Most In Past 7 Years

27.02.13, 13:08 / Financial News
The increase in the average price of an American home rose more in the month of December 2012 that it had in the previous seven years.
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