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Retail Diamond News

Recycled Diamonds Event Nets $5 Million in Sales

10.05.12, 09:17 / Retail and Jewelry
A diamond-industry-wide exhibition of recycled polished diamonds in New York City netted a total of $5 million in sales last month.

Diamond Retailer Blue Nile Posts Net Sales Gains

09.05.12, 12:48 / Retail and Jewelry
Leading online retailer of diamond jewelry Blue Nile announced increased net sales in the first quarter of 2012, Diamond News reported.

LJ Diamond Sales Increase 30% in 2011

01.05.12, 12:07 / Retail and Jewelry
NASDAQ-traded wholesale and retail diamond company LJ International Inc. announced that it had earned $182 million in the 2011 calendar year, a full 30% increase over 2010.

Birks Toronto Displays $10 Million of Yellow Diamonds

01.05.12, 11:40 / Retail and Jewelry
A Birks retail jewelry store in Canada's economic capital will put $10 million worth of fancy yellow diamonds on display tomorrow for the remainder of the week.

India Strike Means Missed Diamond Sales Targets

16.04.12, 11:44 / Retail and Jewelry
A three-week strike by Indian gold jewelers has put a dent in sales for the entire jewelry industry, including diamond jewelry.

De Beers Branded Diamonds Sell Swiftly in South Africa

16.04.12, 11:01 / Retail and Jewelry
A new line of De Beers diamonds which carry a microscopic inscription bearing witness to their authenticity is reaping high sales figures in South Africa.

$2.5 Million Pink Diamond Makes Canada Debut

15.04.12, 11:57 / Retail and Jewelry
One of the largest pink diamonds in the world has been unveiled publicly in Canada for the first time at Edmonton, Alberta location of Birks Jewelers.

One of World's Largest Pink Diamonds To Be Showcased

04.04.12, 12:49 / Retail and Jewelry
One of the largest pink diamonds ever produced will be showcased next weekend at the Birks diamond jewelry store in Edmonton, western Canada.
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