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Israel Diamond News

Israeli Diamond Companies Take on Rapaport list, list diamonds on RapNet at Full Price

12.04.15, 09:49 / Israel
A group of leading Israeli diamond traders and manufacturers have decided to post their diamond stocks at full prices on the RapNet Diamond

Tzoffey’s 1818 to Feature “Plus Size” Pink Diamonds in IRDW Tender

12.04.15, 09:40 / Israel
Tzoffey's 1818, the Israeli-French auction house, will hold two separate tenders of rough diamonds during the International Rough Diamond

Ernie Blom: “Presidents Meeting in Israel - Ideal Setting for Debate”

09.04.15, 09:33 / Israel
With little more than two months to go, preparations for the 2015 Presidents Meeting to be held in Tel Aviv are in full swing

Fusion to Hold Angolan Rough Diamond Tender during IRDW in April

08.04.15, 09:35 / Israel
Fusion/Hennig Tenders announced it will hold its Angolan Rough Diamond Tender during the International Rough Diamond Week (IRDW) at the

EGL rights holders announce reorganization of EGL representation in Israel

02.04.15, 12:54 / Israel
The holders of EGL rights in Israel and Mr. Benhamou announced today that the Eurogem laboratory in Israel (also known as EGL International)

Registration Now Open to 2015 Presidents' Meeting in June

02.04.15, 10:14 / Israel
Registration to the 2015 Presidents' Meeting is now open and delegates of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International

Israel Polished Export Drops 29.6% in Q1

02.04.15, 09:43 / Israel
Israel’s net polished export in the 1st quarter of 2015 totaled $1.610 billion, compared with $2.288 billion for the same period last year

IDE Holds Meeting on New Anti Money Laundering Order

01.04.15, 10:27 / Israel
Hundreds of members of the diamond exchange attended a meeting on anti money laundering in the diamond sector
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