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World Diamond News

Huge White Diamond Find Give Petra Shares A Boost

14.09.14, 10:02 / World
The announcement last week that Petra Diamonds discovered a massive diamond at its Cullinan Mine in South Africa gave the firm a boost on the stock market.

Prices For Polished Diamonds Still Sagging

11.09.14, 12:15 / World
The market price of polished diamonds continued to slide in the month of August, following a trend of the last few months.

Angola's Aims For KP: Return African Countries To Fold

11.09.14, 11:33 / World
When Angola assumes the power of the presidency of the Kimberley Process in four months' time, it plans to focus its efforts on bringing diamond-rich African nations back on board.

Israeli Diamond Industry Gets New Line Of Credit

11.09.14, 10:10 / World
Israeli diamantaires emerged from a meeting with the management of the Mizrahi-Tefahot bank empowered by a commitment from the bank to increase the amount of credit it grants them.

Pricey Call: Pink Diamond iPhone Cover Costs $48+ M

11.09.14, 09:36 / World
Just one day after Apple announced the features in its soon-to-be-launched iPhone 6, a U.S. luxury brands firm has announced that it is offering a 24K gold iPhone 6 with a pink diamond set in the back for $48.5 million.

EGL Grading Reports Dropped From Rapaport Listings

10.09.14, 12:19 / World
The Rapaport diamond trading network announced that it will no longer be listing the grading reports of the European Gemological Laboratories on its sites.

Weak Iron, Coal Prices Keep Rio Gem Mine Slow-Tracked

10.09.14, 11:33 / World
Although the election win by the business-friendly Bharaiya Janata Party in India is widely understood to mean that Rio Tinto could get the permits for its Bunder diamond deposit ahead of schedule, the mining giant has said that it is not angling to expedite the process.

232-Carat White Diamond Unearthed At Cullinan Mine

10.09.14, 10:15 / World
Petra Diamonds has recovered "an exceptional 232.08 carat white diamond" at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.
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