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Israeli Finds $200K Worth Of Diamonds, Returns Them

19.12.13, 11:40 / World

polish diamond-Israel Diamond Institute
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Polished diamonds
What will a young diamantaire do when he encounters a parcel with $200,000 worth of polished diamonds? Will he take them for himself or run to the closest pawnbroker in order to get rid of the merchandise and make a little bit of money? A diamantaire from Bnei Brak who works at the Israel Diamond Exchange found himself in this position, and chose to submit the precious gems to the bourse's legal bureau, which returned the lost item to its owner.

"My father lost the diamonds when he was on the way to the polishing factory. We combed the entire area, we checked the security cameras in the area, but that specific spot was not filmed," the son of the diamantaire that lost the bag of diamonds, told TheMarker. "They were not our diamonds and we were not insured. We would have had to take out a large loan in order to return the money if the stones were not returned," he said.

Luckily for the family of diamantaires, the bag was found by the diamond dealer, who told the details to Walla: "I was walking in the area and all of a sudden I noticed a plastic bag resting on the ground. To my utter amazement, I found a large amount of diamonds inside."

Later in the week, the diamond dealer who returned the diamonds received a letter from the IDE legal bureau praising him for his integrity. The owners of the lost parcel also chose to thank him by rewarding him with a sum of money. "I was taught from a young age that if something belongs to me, don't touch it. It was simple and plain that I have to find the owner of the item. I thought about the nightmare he was going through and I was happy that it was returned to him," he said.


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