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From the Mine to the Customer – The Process of Producing Diamonds

Most of us are familiar with the diamond as a beautiful gemstone set in designer jewelry. Actually, diamonds go through many stages before ...

The Boomerang of Speculation


Baron: “World Diamond Mark is About Ensuring the Health & Growth of the Diamond & Jewelry Industries

The World Diamond Mark (WDM) initiative was officially launched at the World Diamond Congress in Mumbai in October 2012. Rami Baron, president ...

Increases Across the Board

2011 was a record year for polished export, in spite of the internal crisis that caused a decline in the last quarter of the year. Despite ...

Philippe Mellier: “From Now Diamdel Will Not Sell Any More Boxes Below DTC Selling Price”

At the last sight – which has been estimated as totaling $535 million -- the DTC reduced rough selling prices by 3%-15%, depending on the kind of goods. In some boxes the assortments also deteriorated, so the reduction may actually have been slightly more moderate. Philippe Mellier, the Managing Director of De Beers, gave a very clear message to all DTC sightholders: We have adjusted prices to reflect current polished values. Sightholders must not allow polished prices to slip further as there will be no further reductions in rough price!

The Implications of the New Proposed Conflict Diamond Definition

In about three months the KPCS Plenary will convene in Washington where the KP Chair Ambassador Gillian Milovanovic's proposed amended definition ...

One Small Step for the GIA; One Giant Leap for the Israeli Diamond Industry

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, cut the ribbon to signify the opening of the Gemological ...

Bumi Traub: Entire Diamond Industry Invited to Celebratory Opening of the GIA Laboratory in Israel

Opening Ceremony to take place at 3:00 PM on September 3 in the Hadar Rooms of the Dimol Building in Ramat Gan Diamond District
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