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Counting Stock at Lightning Speed

Before you can say Jack Robinson, it counted the contents of all the envelopes, identifying them and noting their characteristics. ...

Our First Interview with the Bonas Representative in Israel: Amitai Richman

Although we have been seeing Amitai Richman in the corridors of the Exchange for a decade, few of us know him. We are accustomed to the ...

2013 Ushers in the Israeli Diamond Industry Spring

"When the United States sneezes, Israel catches pneumonia," said the late Levi Eshkol, third prime minister of Israel. Indeed - in 2012, when the macroeconomic parameters of the US and Europe indicated a slowdown, the luxury market, including diamond jewelry, came down with the flu, which developed into a serious ailment in terms of the 2012 figures. However, with the arrival of Spring 2013, and in light of the successful shows in Mumbai and Hong Kong and the lively demand for Israeli diamonds during International Diamond Week in Israel, we can announce the beginning of a much welcomed process of recovery.

A Burst of Energy at the Israel Diamond Exchange

In March, the power and strength of the Israel Diamond Exchange crossed borders -from Ramat Gan to the entire diamond world, carrying the message of confidence and enthusiasm: the Israel Diamond Exchange is an excellent place to do business.

Paying Attention to Global Fluctuations

The most stable factor in the second decade of the 21st century is change - the intensive dynamics of the processes and the fact that nothing stays in one place very long. The imperative to keep abreast of global fluctuations is one of the most important tasks the Israel Diamond Institute has undertaken for 2013

Thousands of Diamonds Certified at Israel’s GIA Lab; Increases Predicted

Six months have passed since history was made - the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) opened a laboratory in Israel. Michelle Moshelian, content manager of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) portal, discussed the success of the lab with Gabriel Alayon, GIA’s manager of Israel Lab Services to try to assess the future direction of the lab.

From the Mine to the Customer – The Process of Producing Diamonds

Most of us are familiar with the diamond as a beautiful gemstone set in designer jewelry. Actually, diamonds go through many stages before ...

The Boomerang of Speculation

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