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Diamond Web Sites

Israeli diamond companies and diamond jewelry companies are renowned worldwide for their high-quality goods. Jewelry from Israel is sold worldwide at leading jewelry stores and outlets. Israeli diamond companies and Israeli jewelry companies are easy to contact: Many Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies have user-friendly, cutting-edge websites where they display their merchandise, from loose diamonds and fancy colored diamonds to a wide range of diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and other wonderful jewelry from Israel.

If you are interested in jewelry from Israel - visit this section which showcases the wide range of quality wares offered by Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies and make new contacts today.
The family behind CaratsDirect2U has been trusted diamond jewelers for over three generations. CaratsDirect2U's business operates internationally, with offices in the Israel Diamond Exchange and New York. CaratsDirect2U also has affiliates in Los Angeles.
CaratsDirect2U allows end consumers to purchase diamonds directly from the manufacturer at 25%-50% below the retail price. They offer a 30 day return policy with all their diamond jewelry.
CaratsDirect2U is the leading online retailer specializing in color treated diamonds, with a large collection of clarity enhanced and HPHT color treated diamonds as well as high-end GIA certified diamonds.
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Yes I Do
Yes I Do manufactures and designs gold and diamond jewelry items, with a specialty in engagement rings. We stress unique designs and rigorous quality control. It is possible to purchase items via our website or schedule a meeting with a representative in our store, located in the Shimshon building in the Israel Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan. We are committed to excellence and personalized customer service.

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Jool.Me is a one-stop-shop for all your diamond needs – from manufacturing to design and packaging. Our professional team creates models, cuts and sets the stones and provides high-end packages. Everything is done on a par with the highest industry standards and to your full satisfaction.
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Jonathan Jewelry
Jonathan Jewelry manufactures diamonds and jewelry. It is a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, with 30 years of experience in the field. Jonathan Jewelry has a large inventory of high-end jewelry. Customers are invited to order a custom-made design using an image or in collaboration with our designers. We provide all items directly to customers, with no intermediaries.
Your satisfaction is our success. One purchase leads to another, and to more happy customers.
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One of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Israel, Goldiam supplies its customers with high-quality diamonds and jewelry pieces at the lowest prices in the market. You are invited to purchase gold and white gold jewelry pieces set with diamonds and gems, receive guidance as to the best and most fitting jewelry piece for you and get a glimpse to the Israeli diamond industry. In Goldiam, we help you create your own custom-made jewelry in collaboration with our graphic designers while using the most advanced technology in the field. Every diamond purchased at Goldiam is certified by the leading gemological institutes in the world.

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Aliya Diamonds Ltd.
Aliya Diamonds Ltd. specializes in 1 carat and up, Rounds, Fancy Shapes and Fancy Colors. We are a 3rd generation diamond wholesaler that excells servicing chains, shops, dealers and VIP buyers world wide.
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Diamond House Israel
Diamond House Israel deals with the sale of diamond jewelry, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, to the general public in Israel. The firm's motto is "A Diamond For Everyone", and it does its best to provide every customer with a diamond that suits their budget
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Diamond Sphinx
Diamond Sphynx is operated by an Israel Diamond Exchange member and expert in diamonds and engagement rings, with more than 30 years of experience in producing diamonds.
We import rough diamonds, and cut them into finished diamonds with the newest and best methods that exist, with the most accomplished professionals in the diamond industry. In 2006 we opened our doors to private customers in Israel and abroad, and since then we have offered, through our website, diamonds and diamond jewelry of a high standard to private customers as well.
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