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The Israeli Diamond Industry Portal Newsletter offers comprehensive coverage of industry news from Israel and the world:
  • Global industry overview.
  • News highlights from Israel.
  • Import - export data from Israel.
  • Special in-depth features.
  • Forecast tips.
  • Events and trade shows.

The Israeli Diamond Industry Portal Blog Newsletter offers highlights from the IDI's blog, which features in-depth items and special insights into the local and global diamond sectors.

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NEWSLETTER No. 135 January

Together we will Preserve Israel's Leadership Role in the Global Diamond Industry

An Ambassador of Israel in Japan

Extra Diamonds...

NEWSLETTER No. 134 December

Couple Creates D-I-Y Wedding Rings

From the Mine to the Customer

The Wide World of the Cushion Cut

NEWSLETTER No. 133 November

The Boomerang of Speculation

How are U.S. Guild Fine Jewelry Retailers Staying in Business?

Fake Tan, Real Diamonds?

NEWSLETTER No. 132 November

Are Diamonds and Precious Stones an Investment?

The Transition from Diamond Dealers to Jewelry Manufacturers

Diamonds, the Crystalline Chameleons

NEWSLETTER No. 131 October

Introducing the World Diamond Mark

A Challenging Year for the Jewelry Industry

Double the Diamonds...

NEWSLETTER No. 130 October

Israeli Nobel Prize Winner Turns out to be Part-Time Jeweler

Increases Across the Board

Debswana Diamonds Sneaks Fecal Peaks

NEWSLETTER No. 129 September

The Israeli Jeweler Who Sells to Hollywood Celebrities

Clarity Treatments in Diamonds

Buy a Diamond...

NEWSLETTER No. 128 September

One Small Step for the GIA...

The Implications of the New Proposed Conflict Diamond Definition

Blood Diamond Deals

NEWSLETTER No. 127 August

Clarity Treatments in Diamonds

A Machine That Makes Diamond Juice

Bumi Traub: Entire Diamond Industry Invited to Celebratory Opening of the GIA Laboratory in Israel

NEWSLETTER No. 126 August

Color Treatments in Diamonds

Cash For Gold, Get the Diamond For Free

Are There Diamonds After Death?

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