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Tamper-Proof Envelope for Diamond Deals Launched

19.04.12, 12:11 / Press Releases
New 'Catchet' envelope
An Israeli company has launched a new packaging solution specifically for conducting diamond deals, saying that once used to store a diamond, the envelope cannot be reopened without making it glaringly obvious that it has already been tampered with. The 'Catchet' envelope will only be available in Israel at first.
The Malca-Amit company, which has been providing logistical solutions to the diamond industry for nearly half a century, said in a press release that they created a specialized research and development team to work closely with diamond dealers and understand their specific needs, in order to create a product that would be tailor-made to their specifications and facilitate the easy and cost-effective storage of diamonds and other precious gems.
Malca-Amit's 'Cachet' envelopes also contain a unique serial number, ensuring that one package cannot be swapped for another.
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