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Mining Diamond News

Lucara Scoops Up 2 New Diamond Licenses In Botswana

22.09.14, 05:11 / Mining
A Canadian company mining for diamonds in Botswana has been granted an additional two licenses relatively close to the concession it is already operating.

De Beers Empire In South Africa May Keep Contracting

18.09.14, 04:53 / Mining
The chief of De Beers now says that the firm may very well sell off its stake in the historic Kimberley mine in the months to come.

Alrosa Expands Involvement In Zimbabwe Diamonds

18.09.14, 04:53 / Mining
Alrosa, the largest diamond miner in the world by volume, is expanding its involvement in Zimbabwe, Rough and Polished reports.

Tiffany's South African Diamond Supplier Gets Permit

14.09.14, 11:30 / Mining
A Canadian company that is contracted to supply jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. has received official permission from the South African government to go ahead and mine for diamonds.

Huge Diamond Disappears During Namibia Miner Strike

07.09.14, 10:08 / Mining
In all the commotion caused by a recent miner strike in Namibia over wages and medical and education fees, a massive rough diamond has gone missing.

Gold Miners Rescued After Nicaragua Mine Collapse

02.09.14, 11:16 / Mining
Frantic efforts to free miners trapped in a gold mine in the Central American nation of Nicaragua were partially successful, with twenty of the miners being freed but another eight remaining trapped.

Alrosa Sells Inventory To Hit Record Revenues, Profits

01.09.14, 09:45 / Mining
Russian diamond miner Alrosa reported that revenue surged by 27% to reach $2.83 billion in the first half of 2014.

Brazil Minerals To Process Diamonds Round The Clock

31.08.14, 11:23 / Mining
The largest alluvial gold and diamond processing plant in Latin America will now also become the busiest, after hiring a team of new workers to ensure that operations continue around the clock.
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