July 23, 2012
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Color Treatments in Diamonds
The coating, the coloring, the neutron or electron radiation, and the sequestering under high atmospheric pressures and temperatures (HPHT) – all of these are intended to change the color of natural diamonds, in order to increase their value and marketability. Some of these are reversible and illegal. Some of them are reversible and legal. All of them require disclosure...

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Fine Jewelry Trends in the U.S. Market
‘Never Say Never’
"With the development of invisible setting, small princess cut diamond jewelry sprung onto the market strong about 8 years ago mostly in earrings and pendants. Retailers were hesitant of the new look because of the repair problems of diamonds springing out of their setting. Fast forward to the recession, improvements in invisible settings and the drive to keep retail prices reasonable in the face of rising gold and diamond prices, invisible setting has a new respect,” explains Liz Chatelain…

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Small Town Spate of Conflict Diamonds
A young man from Maine has spray-painted an illustration of a polished diamond and the initials B.D. – standing for blood diamond' - on a number of public buildings around town...

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