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Diamond News

Walmart Enters Money Transfer Market

20.04.14, 11:03 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: China To Become Volvo's Largest Market; The Next Food Trend: Pizza Cakes?; Pandora Sued Over Pre-1972 Music Royalties; Stefani To Replace Aguilera On 'The Voice'

Marilyn Monroe Earrings Sell At Auction

20.04.14, 10:39 / World
Even a half-century after her untimely passing, the mystique of film actress Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire.

Diamond Manufacturers Get New Sawing System

20.04.14, 10:08 / World
Diamond jewelry manufacturers will now have a new sawing system at their disposal, thanks to some innovation on the part of diamond technology Sarine.

Russian Diamonds May Get Slapped With EU Sanctions

20.04.14, 09:35 / World
There may be unforeseen consequences for Russia's recent gambit in the Ukraine, according to Diamond Intelligence: European Union sanctions on its diamond exports.

Google Stock Tumbles 6%

17.04.14, 14:27 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: European Automobile Sales Keep Rising; Yahoo Cuts COO Loose For $58 Million; Next iOS Might Include Shazam; Rapper Chops Off Own Member, Jumps From Flat

New Plant Could Salvage Fine Diamonds From Dump

17.04.14, 12:08 / Mining
A Canadian firm operating in South Africa may breathe new life into old stockpiles of ore, as it boasts the ability to sift through dump material and churn out fine diamonds.

'Crater' State Park Continues To Produce Diamonds

17.04.14, 11:28 / World
Two stories out of Arkansas are reminders that a visit to the Crater of Diamonds State Park is still akin to buying a ticket for the lottery, when the winning prize could very well be a small fortune in the form of a rough diamond.

De Beers Sight Diamond Prices Still Rising

17.04.14, 10:54 / World
Secondary market diamond traders can expect an imminent increase in the prices of rough stones.
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