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China Transfers $81 Billion To Banks

17.09.14, 13:46 / Today's Headlines
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India To Host Conference On Diamond Trade Challenges

17.09.14, 12:23 / World
The Indian capital will host a conference dedicated to tackling some of the most serious challenges facing the diamond industry today.

De Beers: Diamond Demand Hits High, Still Growing

17.09.14, 11:45 / World
Diamond giant The De Beers Group published a new report which asserts that global demand for diamond jewelry is at its highest-ever level, and predicts that it will continue to rise over time.

Petra's 122-Carat Blue Diamond Sold For $27+ M

17.09.14, 11:20 / World
A massive blue diamond that was unearthed earlier this year at the infamous Cullinan mine has been sold for a whopping $27.6 million.

Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair Has Attendees Optimistic

17.09.14, 08:53 / World
As the September 15-19 Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, a critical barometer of industry sentiment ended its second day today on Tuesday, comments from diamond exhibitors were largely positive even though many said that potential buyers were still largely window shopping.

With Rising Demand, Alibaba Boosts Its IPO Price

16.09.14, 13:14 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: To Stem Costs, United Looks To Buyout Attendants; Too Many Breadsticks, Says Olive Garden Critic; Apple Sells 4 Million New iPhones; Israel's Own Half-Stonehenge Found In Galilee

Zimbabwe Official Implies Diamond Corruption Is Real

16.09.14, 12:42 / World
A senior official in the Zimbabwe government has implied that diamonds have been illegally smuggled out of the country, All Africa reports.

Not Too Big To Investigate: Moscow To Audit Alrosa

16.09.14, 11:46 / World
The largest diamond company in the world by volume is about to have its financial records examined, Rough and Polished reports.
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