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Diamond News

Sony Hackers Threaten Moviegoers with Terrorist Acts

17.12.14, 10:21 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli scientists develop mouthwash to detect cancer; After decades, NBC scraps Thursday night comedies; The LAPD is getting a body camera for every officer on the street

WDC President: United Diamond Industry is Key to Growth

17.12.14, 10:03 / World
On an ongoing basis, a united leadership across the diamond industry is more inclined than ever before to continue formulating

Turkey abolishes 20% Consumption Tax on Polished Diamonds

17.12.14, 09:45 / World
Turkey has abolished a 20% special consumption tax on polished diamonds, officials confirmed with Rapaport News

Lifting the Ban: Belgium Helps Cote d'Ivoire to Resume Diamond Trading

17.12.14, 09:15 / World
In 2003, the UN imposed sanctions on Cote d'Ivoire, forbidding the country to trade diamonds

IDE Sets Dates for a Summer International Diamond Week in Israel

17.12.14, 09:03 / Israel
The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has set the semiannual format for the International Diamond Week (IDW) in Israel and released the dates

Russia Heading for Crash as Ruble Plummets

16.12.14, 10:13 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Arab woman blazes trail in Israel’s high tech sector; High school senior admits tale of his $72m stock-trading fortune was a hoax; Pirate Bay 'copy' goes online after shutdown

AGS Provides Consumer Tips for Christmas Diamond Shopping

16.12.14, 09:55 / World
The American Gem Society (AGS) has released a press release with tips for consumers to keep in mind while purchasing diamond and jewelry ...

Kiran Gems Renews its Long-Term Supply Contract with ALROSA

16.12.14, 09:25 / Financial News
Kiran Gems, the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds, has renewed its contract with Russian miner ALROSA, signing the long term supply
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