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U.S. Dollar Rises For Record 10th Consecutive Week

21.09.14, 12:51 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: Occupy Group Wipes Out $4 Million Of Student Debt; Economy Looks Stronger With Increase In Hires; Israeli Researcher Identifies Possible HIV Vulnerability; Golden Globe Winner Polly Bergen Dies At 84

Diamond-Studded Clothes Returning To The Fore

21.09.14, 12:22 / World
The lavish use of diamonds to not only adorn the skin of a wearer but also to enhance the clothes that cover the skin seem to be making a return on both sides of the Atlantic.

Influence Of Whistleblowing NGO's Founder Lauded

21.09.14, 11:45 / World
One of the founders of the non-governmental group that stirred up international resistance to the phenomenon of conflict diamonds has been acknowledged as one of the 50 most influential people in the world.

Cops Bust Thieves At Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair

21.09.14, 10:46 / World
A man from Mainland China was arrested at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair at the AsiaWorld-Expo site after he allegedly tried to swap a five-carat diamond worth more than $390,000 with a fake stone.

Hong Kong, Texas Drive Israeli Diamantaires' Hopes

21.09.14, 10:31 / World
Hopes were high that the Hong Kong show would drive a strong fourth quarter in Ramat Gan.

Israelis Invited Back To New York For Diamond Week

21.09.14, 09:41 / World
The third time's the charm for Israel Diamond Week in New York, which will see its tertiary installment take place November 10 to 13 at the Diamond Dealers Club of New York.

U.S. Approves Genetically Modified Corn & Soybeans

18.09.14, 05:34 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: After Profits Plummet, Pier 1 Imports Stock Falls; Israelis Are 4th-Most Educated People In The World; Apple's New iOS Keeps Personal Data Safe From Feds; People: Swift Is Best Dressed Celeb In 2014

De Beers Empire In South Africa May Keep Contracting

18.09.14, 04:53 / Mining
The chief of De Beers now says that the firm may very well sell off its stake in the historic Kimberley mine in the months to come.
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