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Diamond News

Toyota Still World's Top-Selling Automaker

23.04.14, 13:14 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: U.S. Sales Drop Means McDonald's Profits Dip; JetBlue Pilots To Unionize; Google Happy For Samsung, Apple To Do Legal Battle; New Spider-Man Tops UK Box Office

India Elections Rule Constraining Diamond Trade

23.04.14, 12:29 / World
The largest diamond trading center in the world is being straitjacketed by a rule that applies while the country is in the midst of a federal election season.

Graff Diamonds Crowned With UK Trade Award, Again

23.04.14, 11:23 / World
London-based Graff Diamonds has once again received the accolade considered the most prestigious award granted to British firms.

UN: Ivorian Officer May Be Buying Arms With Diamonds

23.04.14, 10:00 / World
A group of United Nations experts has gone public with their suspicions that a top Ivorian official is using diamond profits to purchase weapons.

Alrosa's 2014 Q1: More Carats, More Profits

23.04.14, 09:53 / World
Russian diamond company Alrosa reported a 6% year-over-year rise in production to 7.9 million carats for the first quarter of this year.

Asia Becoming Israel's 2nd-Biggest Export Destination

22.04.14, 11:59 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: Haliburton Profits Increase In 2014 Q1; UAW Ends Attempts To Unionize Tennessee VW Plant; Apple To Offer Recycling Service To All Customers; Novelist Garcia Marquez Laid To Rest

Feeling Cash Pinch, Zim Aims To Collect Diamond Dollars

22.04.14, 11:16 / World
Realizing that significantly fewer rough diamonds were produced in Zimbabwe in 2013, the Harare government is confronting diamond companies operating on its soil, looking to collect tax revenues.

Murowa Diamond Production Decreases By A Third

22.04.14, 10:51 / Mining
Zimbabwe's Murowa diamond mine continues to produce precious gems, but at a significantly lower rate than it had in the past.
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