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Not a Single US Artist has Reached Platinum in 2014

21.10.14, 09:39 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Apple profit soars on huge iPhone and Mac sales;Chinese Government Accused Of Staging ‘Malicious Attack’ On Apple’s iCloud Service; US Agency gives $1 million to Boost Israeli Arabs in Hi-Tech

Pilots Extend Lufthansa Strikes to Long-Haul Flights

20.10.14, 09:33 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli Billioner Hires Private Jet to Bring Israelis Back from Nepal; Audi driverless car hits 140 mph; Report: Microsoft Set to Launch Smartwatch in Next Few Weeks

World's Wealthiest People Lose Billions from Collective Net Worth

19.10.14, 10:45 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Mark Cuban Buys Netflix Stocks, Sees Takeover; Japan Rolls Out its First Commercial Jet in 50 Years; Israel's Social Media Site for Doctors Celebrates 20,000 Users

Apple and Facebook will Pay Female Employees to Freeze their Eggs

15.10.14, 08:49 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli Scientists develop an "Anti-Aging Algorithm"; Seniors Lose Average of $30,000 to Financial Scammers; Ben Affleck and Matt Damon teaming up for Syfy thriller

GoPro Stock Falls as Camera said to be Linked to Schumacher Accident

14.10.14, 09:48 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Fiat Chrysler's Wall Street Debut Draws Muted Response; FBI Director: iPhones Shields Pedophiles from Cops; Facebook’s Anonymous App Could Kill Trolls With Secret Identity

Wells Fargo Worker asks CEO for Raise in email and Goes Viral

13.10.14, 09:36 / Today's Headlines
A Wells Fargo worker decided to ask his CEO for a raise and wanted everyone at the company to know about it. So he emailed the CEO and CC'd ...

World Economies Warn of Global Risks, Call for Bold Action

12.10.14, 10:25 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli Research Links Diabetes and Parkinson's; Samsung Electronics Says It’s Developed Faster Wi-Fi Technology; Queen Elizabeth Names Angelina Jolie Honorary Dame

Israel to host World's Largest Vegan Festival

08.10.14, 09:41 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: KFC Parent Cuts Profit Expectations in Half; Wal-Mart Raises Healthcare Costs, Cuts Benefits; San Francisco creates a new legal framework for Airbnb
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