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Plan to ban smoking in all New York hotel rooms

03.09.15, 09:42 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli medical sells for $900 million; Trump tramps Bush for Speaking Spanish in the US; DreamWorks could leave Disney next year

Archaeologists find mysterious 2,000-year-old podium in Jerusalem

02.09.15, 10:51 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: 225,000 Apple iPhone accounts hacked; And Then There Were None voted top Agatha Christie novel; UK cabbies fight back against Uber with Gett

Oil skyrockets to $50 a barrel

01.09.15, 11:11 / Today's Headlines
Ashley Madison: Business is booming According to this lovely press release, the company behind Ashley Madison, Avid Life Media, has had ...

Israel ranks 4th best place to raise a child

31.08.15, 09:49 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Beijing arrests hundreds in a stock market crackdown; Europe's electronic trash not recycled properly; Chrissie Hynde comes under fire for rape comments

Poland radar image 'almost certainly Nazi train'

30.08.15, 10:20 / Today's Headlines
More headlines: NFL star highlights Israel as a great travel destination; Chrome will block Flash ads starting September 1st; Washington DC: The most expensive place to raise a child in the US

Asian Markets Bounce Back on Thursday

27.08.15, 09:27 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Major lawsuit exposes "fatal flaw" in keyless ignition systems; NASA: global sea levels are rising faster than expected; Final Terry Pratchett novel The Shepherd's Crown on sale

A 1794 silver coin expected to fetch $5 million at auction

26.08.15, 09:48 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: DOW loses 442 points in one hour; Shenkar ranked among fashion's most influential schools; "Fear the Walking Dead" breaks US cable record

Asian marets crash on Monday

24.08.15, 09:38 / Today's Headlines
More Headlines: Israeli company to Google: Find another name; China’s stocks sink most since 2007; One Direction to take a break in 2016
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